Neck Arthritis Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Physiotherapy

Our body is like a machine which goes through wear and tear with the passage of time. As the machine gets older, its parts get rusty and many problem surfaces up. Sometime A part isn’t working, at times B. When the same problem is elaborated in human context, the problem is defined as Arthritis.

Arthritis is a very common problem with over 100 known forms. Neck Arthritis or Cervical Spondylosis is one of such form of arthritis. Usually, neck arthritis is diagnosed in the patients who are in their late fifties or early sixties. A person suffering from neck arthritics is likely to feel pain/stiffness or both in his/her neck area. Studies reveal that men are less likely to suffer from neck arthritis as much as women do. But that doesn’t reduce the risk. Keeping in mind the age factor, both men and women are equally pone to this problem.

Neck Arthritis – Symptoms

It may be hard to detect neck arthritis during early stages as patient is likely to feel very less or no pain during this stage. As the time passes and problem get bigger, it’s then a patient starts feeling pain and stiffness in his/her neck and nearby areas. Depending on case to case bases, a patient may even find it difficult to move his/her neck. As the problem progresses, patient starts to feel the pain with each any every moment which involves straining of neck.
Neck Arthritis – Diagnosis

A detailed assessment which involves investigation and x-ray study is conducted by a physiotherapist to determine if a person is suffering from neck arthritis or not. Apart from these required tests, doctor may also refer to reports gathered from tests like CT scan, MRI or at times Bone scan. All these reports are required by a doctor to understand the criticality of arthritics a person is suffering from.

Neck Arthritis – Treatment

Depending on the stage of arthritis a patient is, treatment is undertaken. If a patient is diagnosed with arthritis at very initial level, doctor may prescribe some pain killer and ask to do some exercises on regular basis. Looking at the criticality of arthritis, doctor may put patient on medication with routine check-ups and tests.
Neck Arthritis – Exercises

Most of the doctors prescribe exercises to patients suffering from arthritis. These exercises help in joint movement, which in turn provides relief to patient. Few commonly prescribed exercises are Chin Tucks, Neck Rotation and Shoulder Blade Squeezes.

Neck Arthritis – Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aids by providing relief from pain. Physiotherapies include Soft tissue message, ultrasound, mobilization, dry needling etc. Patients should consult their doctors before practicing any form of physiotherapy.

Words of advice

It has been rightly said; prevention is always better than cure. Keeping oneself fit with will keep you miles away from the clutches of arthritis. Make sure to provide adequate physical moments to your body. Changing lifestyle is one the main reason that problem of arthritis is spreading faster than ever. By adapting to a healthier lifestyle, one needs not to worry about any form of arthritis.