Arthritis Symptoms in Legs

What can be the cause?

Even after years of research it’s hard for researchers to tell what the exact causes of arthritis are. Old age is considered to me the most common cause of arthritis in humans. Other than age, body weight, one or another form of joint infection or genetics is considered to be other reasons. Some even say that arthritis happen because of 2-3 factors combine together.

What are the symptoms if a person is suffering from leg arthritis?

First and the most common symptom which surfaces up during the early stages of arthritis is pain. It starts with normal pain, which most people tend to ignore or they take it lightly. As the arthritis progresses, below mentioned symptoms are to be seen:

1. Swelling – Out of all the known symptoms, swelling, being the most noticeable symptom in patients suffering from leg arthritis, makes it easier for doctors to identify the diseases. Painful swelling is to be seen on and around the joints, indicating the likely chances of arthritis. Tenderness, Heat and Inflammation are other indicators.

2. Problem while walking – Knee bones and nearby muscles being the most affected parts, makes it difficult for a person to walk properly. Deteriorating joints limits the leg movement and walking no longer remains easy.

3. Stiffness – Another symptom which is seen in the people suffering from leg arthritis is Stiffness. Part of the body (hand, finger, neck or hip) which is affected from arthritis gets stiff. A person with leg arthritis will find it difficult to move his/her leg. He/she may observe stiffness when they wake up in the morning. Usually stiffness is felt when the legs remain immobilized for long hours.

4. Pain – Pain stands out to be the most prominent symptom in patients suffering from arthritis. Depending on the stage of arthritis, normal to severe pain is felt by the patients in joints and muscles. Mostly, the pain is felt when a person uses his legs after long sitting or when they wake up from sleep.

Apart from aforesaid, chills, tardiness in joints, sudden pain in joints and muscles are considered to be other symptoms of arthritis in legs. In case of children, appetite loss, sudden loss in body weight and problem of anemia are considered to be the symptoms that a child is suffering from arthritis.

How can arthritis of leg be treated?

If a person is experiencing any of the above mention problems, he/she is likely to have arthritis. In order to make sure the problem is not because of any other reason, it’s recommended that a person should see a doctor.

Certain tests like blood test, x-ray and physical examination are conducted by a doctor and reports are studied. Though there is no permanent cure for arthritis but depending on the severity of arthritis, medication is prescribed. A set of exercises is also prescribed; which helps a patient in moving his body freely. Physiotherapies are prescribed to provide relief from inflammation, swelling and pain.